What is the Lederman Learning Center LLC All about?

Well LLCLLC is a company that has a few things available to serve parents and children and school staff. First, I offer advocacy skills for parents whose children are in Special Education or have a 504 plan. I help parents learn and navigate through the IEP process so that they can advocate for the needed services and supports their children require to succeed in school. I have extensive experience with over 30 years as a teacher and administrator in Special Education. My goal is for parents to gain confidence and skill to advocate for their children. I do this through face to face meetings, email and attending school meetings with parents to make sure their concerns are heard and responded to in a professional manner by the school district staff.

LLCLLC offers Mindfulness training for both children, school staff and parents. I have been practicing mindfulness for almost 8 years and have taught it in schools to students and staff as well as to parents when I worked as a Parent Educator for almost 5 years. Mindfulness is a practice that provides the needed training of paying attention in the present moment and being able to self-regulate emotions, thoughts and sensations that can distract or even lead one to actions that are not helpful in the long term. Though this practice is simple it is not easy and calls for daily practice. Mindfulness is used in health care  in dealing with chronic pain and suffering; in mental health addressing depression, anxiety, PTSD, ADD and ADHD, and in general addressing the stress of modern life. There is a movement where Mindfulness is used in the corporate world, professional sports and in schools to address the social/emotional skills that all children and adults need to live in our 24/7 stressful world of information overload. I will offer classes in schools and also provide workshops for adults in the future.

Lastly, LLCLLC provides suicide prevention workshops using the QPR method. This method is a simple way to assist those who may be considering suicide because of the suffering they are experiencing. QPR (Question, Persuade and Refer) is a strategy that anyone can use to assist someone they know maybe considering suicide. This need for suicide prevention skills can save lives the way CPR has done over the many years people have been trained in using it. The QPR method is similar in giving the lay person a plan in helping someone in need.

LLCLLC is here to serve others in providing these skills and trainings.

Take a minute and breathe

Mindfulness practice can be pretty simple, but certainly not easy. But anything that has value is never easy, and if it is then maybe you’re amazingly gifted. Which is great, but for myself I’m just a regular person. My daily practice has made life easier at times. But easy really isn’t the goal of life. This idea of taking a minute to just be can be easy and simple. There really is benefit to it. Just take that minute before you enter your meeting, or getting out of your car. Just a moment to center yourself and be in the present moment. There are so many times during the day that we wish we could take that moment back because of our anger or automatic reactions to life’s daily grind. So taking many moments or minutes throughout the day provides the space of true living, no matter the circumstances or pain we may experience. Life with all its joys and sadness, its mundane and awe needs to be lived fully in the present. We are human beings not human doings. So just stop, take a few breaths and just be in this 60 seconds. See what changes can happen inside of ourselves if we just give ourselves this time and space to be. Then continue, taking that next step with some calm or peace, even if our world is spinning out of control. This is life, so lets live it fully.

I have been using a great little app called “One-Moment Meditation”. Martin Borson also has a book about this idea. I like the simplicity of the app and the graphics. And what is great is it is free. So look it up and try it.